Rossiter With Mara

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I was introduced to Rossiter by experiencing a 5 minute demo for planter fascitis with immediate results! WOW!

Having suffered knee pain over the years with bending, running, even driving I decided to give Rossiter a try. After 3 sessions I ran a 5k pain free! I immediately began telling anyone in pain that there was a natural option for pain relief. I thought, no one should be living with pain that can be so easily reversed.

After experiencing great results, I knew I needed to do this to help my family and others get out of pain and into life. I'm so excited to share Rossiter with you!

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What is Rossiter?

A powerful two-person stretching workout to relieve or prevent pain.

Rossiter restores connective tissue that has been shortened & tightened from injury or overuse.

Rossiter is a 20 - 40 min session where I, the Coach, anchor connective tissue with my foot & you, the Person in Charge, work through a series of directed stretches at the intensity you choose.

Most of us are programmed to fight pain with meds, braces & choosing Rossiter you have made the decision to be in charge of your body and fight pain naturally.

Give Rossiter a try for... Knee pain, Hip Pain Shoulder Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Foot/Ankle Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, Tennis Elbow, Plantar Fasciitis, Overuse injuries, Tight Muscles, Sports Injuries & much more!

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